Metaboss Starter Guide: Combat

5 min readMay 20, 2020


Metaboss is the world’s first team-based Idle MMO. This guide will help you plan Combat. I provide hints in bold if you just want to skip through.

For an introduction to Metaboss, check out my Recruitment post.

Metaboss is played as an idle game over 3 days, Thursday to Saturday. Each day is comprised of 3 matches, each match is made up of 8 rounds, and each round takes place every hour. Thats 9 matches and 72 rounds over 3 days!

The aim is to win 5+ matches out of the 9. The game continues even if a team has already won in order to decided 1st and 2nd places, as well as because scores affect rewards.

We don’t expect players to play most rounds so don’t be overawed! In fact, we have plans to reward you just for a little participation but they are yet to be finalised. You can play this game by only signing up for a team, by making a choice in a small number of rounds, or by organising other players in your team to significantly boost your chances of winning. So if you have friends with NFTs, ask them to sign up for your team and ideally work with them to decide how to play each round. Just a handful of players can win a round easily if they work together.

Hint: Metaboss is a game of co-operation and co-ordination, it’s not about how many NFTs you have. NFTs affect Power Ups and Rewards.

Skirge plays every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. FLEC also play every day but each day has additional focus on one faction — only that faction can make a Strategy choice but all FLEC players can and should choose Actions and Power Ups. Remember, they need FLEC to win but are also competing against other FLEC factions!

Hint: A combat round starts off with both teams being equal.

Player choices win the game, with a little bit of randomness added to the mix. Each round, players have the following choices to make if they’d like to participate:

Strategy — a Rock Paper Scissor mechanic whereby majority team vote wins the choice, and RPS mechanics result in a bonus for the winning team. The only way to win is to work with other players on your side, through Discords and social media. Only one FLEC faction picks Strategy each day.

Metaboss RPS guide

We’ve included a sneaky way to communicate with members of your team/faction, although remember there may be spies. You can encrypt a message only your faction can decrypt, then broadcast it on social media.

Encrypted messages are top right of the website

Action — a trickier option to understand. Actions are ranked based on how many people picked them, and the action with the fewest selections is rated based on popularity. The more popular it is, the higher the bonus. Conceptually, the other actions are just to distract the enemy whilst the skilled personnel do their bit.

Hint: All actions must be chosen otherwise the bonus will be 0.

Example Actions for FLEC

Power Ups — cost FRAG — Several power ups exist that super power either your team/faction or the other team/faction’s NFTs. Each power up is explained in the Power Up menu.

Example Power Up

Sometimes you’ll want to power up the opposition to boost their score and your rewards. If they have lost the match already, it’s perfect! You’re then playing for the opposition, but the opposition can choose to reduce their own score! They may do this for griefing reasons but also spies may have infiltrated them!

Everyone starts with 100 FRAGs this week and you can check your balance in your account (top right). More can be purchased if you want to win in style!

Super Special Hint: The active FLEC faction has two responsibilities: to vote on a strategy, and to make sure that they win the round, so they’re extra incentivised to play. Everyone on FLEC has the responsibility to choose an Action and / or Power Ups every round. The other, non-active FLEC factions are incentivised to either help FLEC as a whole (so they can get first place) or to sandbag their own team and / or buff Skirge so they get better rewards in the end and keep their first place lead (via cybourgeoisie).

After each round you’ll see the results displayed something like this:

In the above image, the strategy battle was a draw since both teams picked a strategy signified by water, and Rogue Division won overall. Base Roll is effectively a dice throw; Mod Bonus all the modifiers combined; Players indicates % participation; and the remainder of the data gives you an idea of how each team played, as well as what your own choice was.

That’s it! That’s how to play Metaboss. To reiterate, Metaboss is a game of co-operation and co-ordination, it’s not about how many NFTs you have.

Our job going forwards is to make it easier to understand and to co-ordinate with other players. For now, these two guides will have to do.

Happy Boss Fight!




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